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2021 was a year challenged by the resurgence of COVID-19 pandemic, raw material price fluctuations and intensified market competition for Vinda, while the business environment continued to be full of uncertainties. Fortunately, due to its extensive and successful experience in the household paper industry and its leading brand position, Vinda was able to maintain steady revenue growth in 2021. Moreover, Vinda remained market leader in the industry as a result of its efforts in planning strategic deployment and exploiting new consumption patterns throughout the year.

Benefiting from the public’s growing concern about hygiene and quality of life, our premium products have been increasingly well received by consumers. Aware that there is plenty of room for expansion in the household paper market, Vinda is focused on heavily promoting premium and diversified products in its strategic planning, optimizing its product structure on a continuous basis, and actively expanding its personal care business. Our position in the premium feminine care market has increased concomitant with that sectors’ year on year expansion due to the improved perception of intimate hygiene and quality of life by female consumers. In addition, the silver economy will bring substantial business opportunities for the Group’s incontinence care business in the mid to long term as a consequence of the ageing population in China. Vinda believes that the market potential for personal care in China will be further released as a result of increased standards of living, as well as our consumer-oriented education and promotion. These socio-economic factors together with Vinda’s own initiatives will propel continuous and healthy development, while ensuring the steady improvement of the Group.

Throughout 2021, the Group continued to grow the Southeast Asian business through its Malaysian R&D and manufacture base. Notwithstanding the outbreaks of the pandemic and flooding, the Group fully resumed its normal operations within a short timeframe by actively cooperating with local government and responding in a well-timed and flexible manner. At the same time, the Group has been committed to regional research and development, as well as production capacity upgrade to meet the growing demand of local consumers. Vinda’s commitment encompasses further exploration of the potential market value, aiming to be a leading company for hygiene products throughout Asia.

Seizing the business opportunities of post-pandemic eras in which consumers heavily relied on e-commerce shopping, our online platform has been anchored and is thriving. As one of the pioneers entering e-commerce channels, Vinda embraced traffic trends while consolidating its position on traditional e-commerce platforms. These new trends afforded the opportunity for us to expand to live streaming platforms, such as TikTok and Kuaishou, establishing strong links to promotion, acquisition and sales. The Group continued to post an impressive performance in important e-commerce promotional activities, with our online household paper sales ranked first at the Double-11 Festival for the ninth consecutive year, while our feminine and incontinence care products recorded strong growth. Looking forward, we will continue to interact with major e-commerce platforms to deepen market penetration and to consolidate the Group’s leading position, in order to ensure steady growth in performance.

While promoting the comprehensive development of its interests and activities, Vinda understands that businesses should grow in harmony with both the environment and society. Consequently, the Group actively fulfills its corporate social responsibilities by pledging “carbon neutrality” and always abides by the core value of sustainable development. The Group has been highly recognized by the public for our selection of wood pulp, in addition to controlling emissions’ reduction, decreasing pollution in factories, and participating in social welfare initiatives. Vinda has created a roadmap visualising its rapid growth in sustainability, covering eight major aspects including energy management, green supply chain, carbon emissions and sustainable procurement. We will increase our efforts in sustainable development to achieve a mutually advantageous relationship between economic benefits and environmental protection.

As we head further into 2022 with ongoing uncertainties concerning global economic recovery amid the unprecedented pandemic, Vinda remains confident about the industry outlook, and will proactively confront and manage the challenges ahead. Vinda will stay focused on its key strategies to enhance its premium portfolio through innovative thinking and technology empowerment. Moreover, Vinda will integrate both online and offline sales channels to continuously expand on-ground market activations. To secure market leadership in all its divisions, Vinda will focus on maintaining its excellent reputation for the quality of its products and services, while generating best value to the consumers and other stakeholders.

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